TOR is a lovely person, but she does have her sarcastic moments, like only the second or third time I pointed out a lane change necessary for a turn, and she said with a smile, “Now what would I do without you along to tell me where to go?” I must admit she sounded just a little like Barney.

When I pointed out the junction of Highway 231 with scenic route 75 that would take us to Grove Oak, TOR said, “Oh! Junk Town 75!” Then she explained that her mother always said “Junk Town” instead of Junction.

Grove Oak sounds backwards to me. Oak Grove is a grove (group of trees) of oaks, Pine Grove is a group of pines, and Elk Grove is a group of trees where elk hang out. Logic would suggest that Grove Oak is an oak of groves?? On the map, Grove Oak is the closest town to Buck’s Pocket State Park, but even with Siri talking us along, it took at least three U-turns before we spotted the park entrance. No fee and no attendant in gloves and mask here.

We soon concluded that the view from Point Rock (the Jim Lynn Overlook) was well worth the drive. But first, when we pulled into the parking area, there was only one other vehicle in sight—a grayish pickup truck that appeared to be empty. With all the darkly tinted windows these days, it’s really hard to know who might be leering at you from inside a vehicle. As we piled out of the car and got Gracie on her leash, TOR speculated. “Could be an ax murderer, maybe?” I shook my head. “Don’t worry,” I said, but I did kind of wonder.

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