After photographing the Glitch itself, I felt compelled to point this out to TOR, but I would have been happy to leave it at that. “We need to let them know,” she said and headed immediately across to the front door of the museum, which opened in 2009. It still being really hot, I decided to stay outside the car with Gracie. Besides, it was nearing late afternoon. I tend to linger once I enter a museum, and we still had to stop at the square in Talladega.

TOR came back in a few minutes with a grin on her face. She’d asked the two older men inside the museum about the error, but they just smiled and didn’t seem concerned. “Look,” they said, “we’re just a bunch of country boys managing a museum.”

The drive back out to the highway was so peaceful, through rolling pastureland. We stopped for a short visit with a dwarf pony and several cows huddled in the shade behind barbed wire and noticed that the owner of this bucolic scene had a definite preference when it came to university loyality.

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