Headed now for Buck’s Pocket, we meandered north on Highways 411, spotting uniquely named establishments like the No Problem Bar and Grill in Odenville and the Wash ‘n Roll car wash. We also passed a Two Amigos restaurant—not Five Amigos, which serves a bigger population in Hoover. TOR pointed out dead trees, her thing, when she saw them, and I pointed out a blue heron standing majestically beside a swampy pond. I have no idea why I love blue herons, but I always have, and I learned recently from a cousin up in Ohio that my dear Aunt Pearle had a thing for them, too.

At Ashville (without an E after the H as in NC), we turned onto Highway 231. Perhaps we should have lingered in Ashville long enough to visit the Looney House. We passed a sign that mentioned John Looney, and I wrote down “Who is John Looney?” but we kept on going. Maybe one day we’ll come back this way and visit what is considered one of the oldest standing two-story, dogtrot houses in Alabama. Not on this trip, though, because we are following Barney’s standing rule that you never go back home the way you came.

In what looked like a small strip shopping center, one end of the building had a huge gray and blue sign that read “FLOW CHURCH,” which is apparently a Pentecostal church. I don’t know if they are connected in any way to the posters tacked up along the highway for the Jesus Jamm Earth Revival, but maybe.

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