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I’ve been doing road trips for as long as I can remember. Way back when I first moved to Alabama, many of those were trips home to visit family in northern Ohio. We always left about 6:30 p.m. so the boys would fall asleep after an hour or so, and we could travel all night, hand them over to their eager grandparents, and sleep through the next day.

My friend Marianne Moates Weber (author of A Bridge of Childhood) and I made many writing-related trips to New York and other places. Later, my husband Barney and I made periodic trips across country from Birmingham to Denver and San Francisco to visit family, always detouring as we came and went for unique towns and unsung restaurants.

Travel in the time of corona virus is challenging, but my friend Ruth and I are making the best of it. Each week we plan and execute a back roads trip to take the edge off the isolation of staying at home. Please follow along and see where we end up.

NOTE: Ruth Beaumont Cook is the author of three books of narrative history: North Across the River, Guests Behind the Barbed Wire, and Magic in Stone. She and her dog Gracie live in north Shelby County, not far from TOR (The Other Ruth).

Published by Ruth Beaumont Cook

Off the Beaten Path is my travel motto. Seeking new places and faces, braking for historical markers, seeking out the unusual among the everyday. That is fun travel for me and my travel friend who also happens to be named Ruth. Travel in the time of corona virus is challenging, but we are making it happen.

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